logo set

this is a series of logos i just finished.
check 'em ooooouut


Full Cup coffee company

here is some a little more branding and logo design. the first image is the primary view and after that is the secondary and tertiary logo designs.



ok, helvetica is not my favorite font but i really like the lowercase "a".
and stitching is not my favorite pass time but its got a really cool final product.

so this is the lowercase helvetica "a" that i've stitched.
maybe not as cool as some other things...but still a fun experience.

i think i am going to practice more (and post more pictures). i kinda like this idea.
Here is a new logo, branding and collateral project.
This company, square:one landscaping, is entirely made up.
Included here is the logo, business card (front and back), envelope, letterhead (front and back) and a CD image.
I've used Rockwell as the main font because of the slab-serif, square qualities.
Below is the index page of the website.



so just a few days ago i finished the identity campaign for the main gallery show at my old school. this first one here didn't make the cut so the second one is the final poster idea. pictures 3 and 4 are the postcard, front and back respectively.

poster, not chosen


postcard, front

postcard, back



this is a recent sketch that i turned into
what could be a t-shirt or something.


so I've recently finished some cooking blog logos
::here they are::



the middle one and both horizontal and vertical versions were the winner here.
then I placed the new logo on a 4x6 postcard mailer that will be in mailboxes to advertise the blog.

logically this won't be sent out until the site is finished so hopefully the site will be online for browsing soon...

nonagon vs. enneagon


this is what a nine sided polygon looks like.
just a recent experiment with shapes, lines and colors.



this is my first post.

in this blog i'll update photos and digital images and whatever design things i am working on personally or find interesting.
  • stay tuned.
and always know mattyow.com is available for browsing.