Minerva, onward

Working on a collage for a class assignment. This happened. Might post more.



speed king

Me in a go kart on a major speedway last weekend.

...its not actually a major speedway.



For a branding project I've created several elements to repeat as patterns. Here are the main pieces and the repeat patterns below them. This project is winding down and I'll have more to say soon.



Guess who got an iPhone for the first time ever?



Satellite [in use]

A while back I got an email from someone asking to use my font on a bag, said they would send a bag over after production. I got this bag in the mail a few days ago. Its Portugese for, "No thanks,  I don't need a bag," while the bottom text says something like "Island Peaks." (If you know better, shoot me an email with the exact translation.)

Design credit: Arne Wichmann


Triangle Bike Share

I just completed the branding for a proposal for North Carolina's first bike share. "Triangle Bike Share is a new-venture concept to establish a next-gen public bike share operator in Raleigh and the Triangle, NC." My good friend Josh Bielick is spearheading this project.

Josh needed a good brand identity to help position this project in good light to investors and startup competitions. I set out to build a basic framework that could flex and grow with the expansion of the Triangle to as far west as Charlotte and east as Wilmington.

I was also responsible for the design and development of the website. For now the domain hosts a simple landing page — most of the information will be funneled to the facebook page.
For the site, I used several cool CSS techniques. I love editing the selection color of text to reinforce brand colors. I also modified the scrollbar in instances the page is taller than the browser window.

::selection {background: #f15a38;color: #fcf8ed;}
::-moz-selection {background: #f15a38;color: #fcf8ed;} 
::-webkit-scrollbar {background:#fcf8ed; repeat; width:10px;}
::-webkit-scrollbar-track {background:none;}
::-webkit-scrollbar-track-piece {background:none;}
::-webkit-scrollbar-thumb {background:#f15a38;}

This idea is really cool and is bound to grow into something even cooler.
Visit the site http://trianglebikeshare.com & like them on facebook.

This initiate is involved in several local (and eventually national) competitions


"Creativity is not a talent; it is a way of operating"

John Cleese - A lecture on Creativity

"John Cleese tries to explain creativity and how to become more creative. The background of his lecture is scientific, the guide based on his own experience. This is really spot on and any creative professional will agree." Run time 36:39, filmed 1991
(Favorite quote: "Look, Babycakes, I don't have to decide til Tuesday and I'm not chickening out of my creative discomfort by taking a snap decision before then, that's too easy.")


evolution of weight

Working on some custom letterforms for a client. Thought I'd share the evolution of weight.
slightly more mature version...


Museum of Bees [print collateral]

I've got some photos of these coming soon — something a little easier to digest than nearly 100 digital pages. Check out the project on Behance here and on my site.


slab life

Working on custom letters for a client got me exploring the rest of the alphabet. There is work to be done, but I'm definitely motivated to finish this out as some sort of upper case exclusive poster type.