The Temper Trap - Sweet Disposition (RAC Remix)


remix idea ♫

This is my best idea of 2011.
Remix Slayer's Reign in Blood with Yeasayer's Odd Blood.
Final product: Yeaslayer's Reign in Odd Blood.

Perfect combination of thrash percussion and synth-pop beats with higher pitched guitar and keyboard solos.

Since I don't mix or remix music to any extend, this idea is anyone's willing to take on the challenge.

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Ol' Silver Keys

A few days ago—Monday, November 21st, 2011—my MacBook Pro refused to turn on. 
On Tuesday I took it to the only Apple-licensed repair store in Savannah. (The nearest Apple store is Charleston, SC.) The guy have me the news: the hard drive was alive and its contents were safe but the machine itself was dead. I left it for the day, for my files to be exported to an external hard drive.
After not receiving a call to pick it up, I took the initiative and called them, asking when I could stop by. They told me my external hard drive (with all the precious contents) had been given to another customer by accident and they'd left—not to return until Friday, November 25th. Clearly the cost of services provided was waived and I've walked away with all my working files, music, photos, etc. on my external hard drive...still computerless.

My MacBook Pro, "Ol' Silver Keys", has been with me from the start, since I before knew what "Adobe" or the "Creative Suite" was. 
RIP 2008-2011
Never Forget

Now its time to start saving up. Donations, anyone?


Sissy Babies

I am on a kickball team called the Sissy Babies. We were undefeated during the regular season and fell apart during the playoffs, loosing 3 games into double elimination.

remember that PBR hat I got at Geekend? yeah, I'm wearing it in the video.
Thanks to Phil for putting this video together. #sports


Geekend 2011

some goods from Geekend 2011. I got my own lanyard & pass, a kazoo and heaps of PBR gear.

Hipster hat

bottle opener

1" pin 

1" iron on patch

kazoobie kazoos


Space Gear (1)

as part of a homework assignment, these are elements necessary for a successful trip to the moon.
the first image is a rocket ship with a captain's chair, rocket fuel, launchpad and lift off.
the second image is a space man with gloves, helment, ray gun (just in case) and boots.

one the rubrics of the assignment is overall composition — so this is not the last of this project.


Geekend 2011 illustrations

Illustrations for a Geekend presentation for Focus Lab. (all red, of course)
Knowing is Half the Battle — how to begin working for yourself.

(click for larger images)
more info at geekend.com



Apple Developer

so I'd like to learn how to develop apps for mobile devices — specifically iPhones. I just registered my Apple ID as a "developer" to access iOS development resources.

we'll see where this goes...


SoTA — Font Aid: Made for Japan (release)

Finally for sale!
I've got 3 glyphs in the font with my name cited as a contributor.
Here is my previous post with my submissions: 


update: I just found out which unicode my glyphs were.
U+2206 (∆) — ampersand
U+220F (∏) — hedera
U+2211 (∑) — acorn