amazing typography extravaganza

Satellite Pro, all characters
Satellite Pro, lined
Satellite Pro, fill
Satellite Pro, regular
brush stroke, serif
cross stitched & leaves
bubble style
cubes, blue
purple, blue, orange
brush stroke, serif, lowercase
serif, uppercase
i think thats it for now.



a few photos taken a while back, from this evening.
| cyan included |


a few quotes, interesting

"There was a mood of intense concentration, minds converging on a single compelling idea…I chewed and ate, looking only inches past my hands. This is how hunger shrinks the world. This is the edge of the observable universe of food.

…As we got close to finishing, the physical extent of our awareness began to expand. Food's borders yielded to the wider world. We looked past our hands."

-White Noise, Don Delillo


"If the apocalypse is still a little way off, it is only because the four horsemen and their steeds have stopped to search for something to drink."

-The Economist, on future water shortage


drawings, more

a few more photo on flickr here

a different colors of white here: "eggshell" to "parchment"