Meet Plucky. 

Plucky helps digital agencies and start-ups figure out their talent strategies. From recruiting to defining culture to organizing annual reviews to coaching new managers and leaders, Plucky help organizations set strategies to retain their talent.


Kamfer: complete

I’m done. τετέλεσται. This is Kamfer.

Kamfer is a chiseled face built for headlines — ready for anything. The letterforms are based on industrial-era rigidity and beveled edges. Kamfer is confident but not too formal with its easygoing contrast and relaxed proportions.

Kamfer comes in two styles, roman and oblique.


A Hologram for the King

I just finished A Hologram for the King by Dave Eggers. I liked this quote.

The age of machines holding dominion over man had come. This was the downfall of a nation and the triumph of systems designed to thwart all human contact, human reason, personal discretion and decision-making. Most people did not want to make decisions. And too many of the people who could make decisions had decided to cede them to machines.


CreateOne business cards

Recently pressed business cards for a recent client, CreateOne. This post has a some of their brand vibe. More good photos to come.