homework, update

art nouveau inspired brewery named Bing & Hirth.
This is their Black Spot Stout, after Aubrey Beardsley's black spot style of art.



This is homework for History of Graphic Design: reviewing art nouveau.
This is a name and identity I've given to a company acknowledging Samuel Bing & Georg Hirth

light on dark/dark on light
close up

edit: the waist of the B has risen for more even vertical weight. I also am not totally sold on the ampersand despite the chronological relevance.


deer head

an iconic study of a deer head.
just a thought

a project in the making

a project in the making...
winding down on some details here and more to come



as of april 17

getting closer...
I'll refine a few shapes and start putting it into a type design application.

preview, pt 2

still working on this.



something else I'm working on...


Fitz, muchas gracias

starting to set type now. All the upper & lowercase letters are complete but not without additional editing and refining.


Fitz, update

refining, reworking & cleaning up some glyphs & anchor points.
old style & lining figures
consider the ascenders & descenders of this example

considering inktraps, shoulders, basic letter construction, terminals, and overall consistency within the family.
There will probably be a good handful of alternative glyphs in the character map of the final product - I can't decide on the British pound sign, the @ sign, ampersands & Qs just to name a few. But thats a little later in the whole process.
(last consecutive post about this new typeface, Fitz, for a while, I promise)


new serif, Fitz

its called Fitz for now. After the 35th President of the United States and the author of The Great Gatsby.
none of the characters are set in stone. this is just progress.
Some uppercase characters to post soon.


new serif (needs a name)

I've started sketches on a new serif. I'm going to the computer to get some vectors down and some anchor points to work with. I plan on printing those and then sketching over them; starting the process over again. Hopefully the final product will be educated and refined enough.

The end goal is a typeface of a single stroke width. Its an exercise in letter form rather than width consistencies. Something that is still comfortable in larger body copy while still have strengths as a headline or at larger point sizes.

(click for larger images)
These screenshots are still sketches despite being digital. I don't expect any of the current forms to be final.

I need a name for this face. Something I can at least address it by other than "new serif." I'm taking any and all applications for name suggestions.