Cardinal Financial

Cardinal Financial, a recent client, just launched their website design with the new brand image.
Check out the site at cardinalfinancial.com.


process of a logo design

Process for a logo design included in a proposal. The final design is much nicer, this is just a sample of what was shown.



I’m not a runner” but I did finish a 5k last Friday. The entire Focus Lab team ran the March of Dimes Shamrock Run here in Savannah. My time was 29:51 with a pace of 9:37. I finished 353. I plan on doing a little better next time.


Holga Patina

It’s official. I’ve got a small site up to showcase some of my recreational photography. All photos taken with a Holga toy camera. Check it out at holgapatina.com. And as always, thanks to Josh Bielick for helping see this idea to life on the web.