form & color

a little bit of form.


just things...

more stuff

thats all.


Blackletter L

more stitching (or "embroidering").
a follow up the Helvetica lowercase 'a',
here is the Blackletter 'l'

its not pink, its magenta...


a new font

welcome to the world a new font, recently conceived.


HOLGA prints, pt. 2

These are more photos taken with my Holga camera. These are all of the Mediterranean Sea on the coast of Spain (May 2009). Somehow the film developed on top of other photographs, entirely on accident, and ended up looking really cool.
the only normal one


HOLGA prints, pt. 1

my wife and i visited France and Spain (and a few other countries) last spring. These are prints taken with our Holga camera. no Photoshop was used on any of these photos.
The Louvre
Eiffel Tower
Notre Dame, no hunchback
Arc de Triomphe


branding, Gallery Exhibition '09

think back to when i posted about doing the identity for the gallery show (oct.23) ...well, here is the full set of collateral. first is the 30x42" poster for this theatre style marquee.

here is the 11x17" poster (back), with the 4x6" postcards (bottom right) and the trifold program (left)
the trifold program, detail
looking good

some drawings

some of these are old, some are new, but i feel somehow obligated to upload them here.

"heart & soil" project i helped someone illustrate.

some buildings

a fox

a deer



Leonard Cohen

I saw Leonard Cohen perform last night. It was amazing.
For those who doesn't know, I feel obligated to include this (wikipedia) link for info.

here is my ticket,
spoken word,
jiving around,
on guitar,
head down,
on keys,
overall he put on a great performance (with a great band behind him). and at 75, he still skipped on and off stage.


more logos

here are a few more logos for your enjoyment.



these are pieces i've done in the past just for fun, a little bit of photoshop and a little bit of color.

i never figured out what to do with these bottom two...so here they are, incomplete.

thats it for now.