SCAD homework. week 2

this is week 2 of Drawing II.
the assignment was a popular one: use only the primary colors: red, yellow & blue to create the secondary and tertiary colors. even to neutralize primary colors to create a greyscale.
still life drawings are not my favorite

SCAD, homework. week 1

this is for my Drawing II class.
the assignment was the exhaust an entire Bic ink pen on the 18x24 page while depicting what "home" was. this is simple: an iPod, coffee, couch & armchair.
and a pillow.
This was mainly just a litmus test for my professor on week 1 to observe each student on multiple, less mechanic, levels.
I'll post more assignments as they are finished.


new font!


here is a juicy, soft slab serif for you to ponder.
this is a fun font with a hand drawn touch to it.
click image to enlarge.

here is the sans serif predecessor
(same punctuation applies to sans serif as is pictured in slab serif)

probably putting this into a font development program to release soon!

now accepting suggestions on a name.


Satellite update, for now

playing with the rare "oo" ligature and experimenting with the apostrophe.

here is the "fl" ligature with the "f" descender and the oblique "e" (curved around the right lip)

another oblique sample. this time with the "a" and another ligature: "fl"

here is a screen shot of what I'm working with. generally the red is what I have made that will not be used. there are a few "fi, ffl, fl" options down there.


new contact page on mattyow.com

thanks to Josh Bielick for uploading my creation
www.mattyow.com/contact looks like this now:
I've added a few things to this section. click on the above link to visit the site.
now just to add a new "about me" page...

Satellite Pro, update

news about Satellite Pro: giving the typeface a facelift. made some adjustments to the B, D, G, J, K, Q, S + U as well as most of the lowercase letters.
I read a great article here about how to understand & create a geometric typeface. very informative.
(click for a larger image)
I've also been very fortunate to have the help of Matt McInerney, a SCAD alum who now works for Pentagram. He has been helpful in making adjustments + reformation.

For now, Satellite Gothic Redux

Typography Club, SCAD

the first meeting of Typography Club at SCAD. somewhere around 35 people showed up. very inspiring+uplifting+exciting.
fun things planned for this quarter


a few more marks & logos

these didn't make it to the Behance project. just a few leftovers.

g dimensional



department of eagles logo concept

new projects on Behance

2 new projects added to my portfolio
lettering & ligatures http://t.co/GgXbgua

appreciate and enjoy


logo project published on Behance

just published a project on Behance; a few logos & marks.
features the king & queen logo + more!

HERE it is. enjoy

the L gallery

http://lumacreative.co.uk/ is a design firm located in London ('The Big Smoke'), England.
"We create and develop new products, brands, books and magazines," says the homepage.

they also manage an "L" obsessed blog (about fonts & the letter "L").
Today they featured Satellite Pro in the L Gallery.
find the post here.

the king & queen

just finished this logo. homemade ampersand there in the middle.
I am working on a new series of greyscale logos for Behance and this is one, just thought I'd show this one first. more to come.



just finished the new logo for a popular men's fashion/style & leisure blog at

the top logo is the official featured logo and the bottom two are variations.
also see the logo on the porhomme.com
twitter page & facebook page

AND on logopond