Spending the week in Mexico on vacation—5 year wedding anniversary. I’ll be back.


expressive communication

Unused icons and discarded mark.


Kamfer edits

Slowly but surely making progress on Kamfer. Test printing for letterspacing and kerning here.

Soon enough it will be available, I promise.


Cabinet renaissance

Alright. Loads of photos.
We moved into a new place and there was a disgusting cabinet in our outdoor shed. I took a few weekends to get the rat poop and pink paint off, sanitize, sand and prime it and finally give it a fresh new set of colors. Here are the photos.

Hot pink.

 Rat poop.


 Exterior red-orange; interior warm white.

 Finished! New knobs, in situ.



Exploring ideas for communicating content and connecting content. Eventually this will be more in the context of content in design. There will be representations for research, understanding, practice, development, etc.