animals running

A recent branding project involved some vector sketches of animals running.



This is an actual illustration I did for an actual client one time. This is supposed to be Steve Jobs' face on a peanut shaped body (to represent George Washington Carver). 


Christopher Doyle™ Identity Guidelines 2008

I cannot express how much I love this concept: identity guidelines for a real human being. Please take a second to review the guidelines and take note of the writing style. Amazing!



Hot Shoe, free download

Last post about Hot Shoe, I promise. I made a GIF to showcase the alternating alphabet. Download the font for free here. Be sure to have Open Type > Contextual Alternates turned ON. Enjoy.

Check out the brand that Hot Shoe was built for and the full blog post here.



Playing with Illustrator's variable stroke width for the first time. I can see myself really using this a lot in the future.


Hot Shoe

Update to previous post: finished the font. It is formally called Hot Shoe (named after the metal bracket on top of cameras that attach to the external flash unit). The font has 3 sets of alphabets and 3 sets of numerals that rotate while typing to create an organic, written feel. 
I'll reiterate more features when it is officially released.


custom type

Working on a custom font for a branding project. It has a simple character set but will have Open Type features to create a hand written feel. Its (tentatively) called Hot Shoe.


found: slab serif

Came across this mid-century serving platter with awesome type on it. Forgive the initial blurry image. I love the horizontal/vertical stroke relationship. I'll have to go back to the coffee shop where I took these images and look for more letter samples.