Crested Butte Cupcakes

here is the business card & new logo for Crested Butte Cupcakes.
typefaces: St Marie & Avenir



hederas & acorns


just checked out 2 books from Jen Library (SCAD's library) today.

Alexander Lawson's "Anatomy of a Typeface" (ISBN 0-87923-333-8) & Walter Tracy's "Letters of Credit, A View of Type Design" (ISBN 1-56792-240-6)

I am very excited about studying the how and why of some of the most recognized and appreciated typefaces to date.
I will post the highlights when I've finished and hopefully some new type ideas as well


pages from a book...

photos (some blurry) taken from a book on the history of handwriting and letterforms.
click on an image to enlarge.

edit: the book is "Story of Handwriting, Origins and Development" by Alfred Fairbank

Holga, Umstead, the Rose Garden

Beacon Photo business cards

just got the business cards in the mail for Beacon Photo
I did the logo a while back (here is the blog post about it)



Holga, RDU

here are some Holga photographs of RDU (Raleigh Durham International Airport).

more of these to come


J. Crew logo

the J. Crew winter 2010 catalog came in the mail a few days ago and I noticed something different about the J. Crew logo.

First, this is what I am familiar with:

Here is the catalog and a close up of the 'new' logo
the "J" in question is now no longer represented with a descender.
I much prefer the "J" on the website but wonder how and why this one was printed and shipped across America (and the world).