Mister Rogers, remixed

Mister Rogers remixed by Symphony of Science's John D. Boswell for PBS Digital Studios.



under wraps

currently under wraps. more to follow.


type, process

Still working on my type.


Reggie Watts at Pop Tech

Never heard of this guy before this video, now Im in love. Its 31:02 but I hope you’ll watch all of it.

“Think outside the box”



I'm taking a Typeface Design class. The class requires all 26 lowercase letters in 10 weeks. This is week 6 and I have a solid direction. My thesis is concrete in my mind but still not fleshed out on paper as it should be. Basically, its a Spanish influenced book type that works well at 9-14 point. Other influences are Baroque painters and architecture: Diego Velázquez & Churrigueresque architecture, specifically.

These are rough forms and even since saving this file I've made changes.  There are two different t's and f's; weight issues and colour are still being worked out, especially obvious in the word dogs on the last line. The text is set at 14, 12 & 9pt.


icons; theme: insurance

Still working through these, have some edits to make. Until then, these are insurance-based icons: covering all sorts of life. Much more later.


stroke width tool

I've been playing with Illustrator's stroke width tool and trying to get used to using it. Here is an illustration where a single stroke weight is used on the left and I modified some of the widths of the right.


Movements of the two legged figure

According to Preston Blair, Disney illustrator. Larger image here.


rejected logo

Developed a logo that was eventually rejected. Its an F in a box ...with wings — for a shipping company.