twitter, behance

i now have a twitter account. its 2010 and i am a little behind the times.
follow me @matt_yow

i also have a behance account at /mattyow
not a lot loaded up yet. i am still working on that.


cool sites to check out...

great motion graphics to enjoy

and some cool
furniture and portraits from france


RISD: the application, the bike

According to RISD's online credentials for the application, (among 3 drawings) I must complete a drawing that "represents a bike". This is my representation, entitled James Starley vs Birdsill Holly.

detail, James Starley
detail, Birdsill Holly
a finished 16x20"


Logos, Identities

more to enjoy.


Pairs, an exhibition

I have another art exhibition lined up for Raleigh's First Friday. The show - called Pairs - is at City Gate Real Estate located at 404 Glenwood Avenue Raleigh, NC 27603.
It starts at 6pm on February 5th - its a Friday.
Artists are: Trent Anthony, Matt Yow and Courtney Navey, and maybe a few more guests TBA
Here is a watercolor piece that I did for the show, a little sample for you.
its a Pear.

RISD: the application, the dollar

I am in the process of applying to Rhode Island's School of Design (RISD).
They have an extensive list of credentials and requirements to meet. One is to do three drawings. The first is to use both sides of the paper (the paper must be 16x20"). For this drawing I chose to do a one dollar bill.
Here it is, both sides...
its not perfect


Alphabet Soup

I have a piece of work going up at the LoDi Project in downtown Raleigh this Friday, January 8th.

here is a link to the details.

The piece is a 12x12 frame with the letter Q stitched in it.

I'll post pictures of the show and the Q itself sometime this weekend.