test prints

Belasko v2.1 test prints: mixed case & a few numerals, set at 9pt.

(I completely made up that statistic.)


continu. finished.

Just finished a long branding process that included a name change and a trademark conflict. Fortunately, the client is happy and the final solution is probably the best-case scenario. I’ll follow up with all sorts of collateral, details and a lengthy case study.


Belasko revisited

Previously Belasko had very soft strokes with very round terminals. There was an attempt at the true translation of the pen with the joints and junctions. I’ve removed a lot of curves and anchors to experiment with a more modern, angular version—see second k. 

There is a lot left to do but I’m satisfied with the new direction and concept. Lots of test printing and refining still remains.



“Words are, of course, the most powerful drug used by mankind.”
—Rudyard Kipling


Unearthed icons

I was recently asked by Matthew Spiel to help create a small set of three icons for Unearthed, a Christian organization. In order here are pray, give & share.