Ira Glass on storytelling

Ira Glass (This American Life) on storytelling, working and pushing through process (part 3 of 4).


Belasko, lowercase

Welcome, Belasko. Right now its just a single case of a single weight of new typeface that I have begun. It is named after the surname of Diego Velázquez, a Spanish Baroque painter. Belasko is a text face to be set at 9 to 14pt. Currently I have only the 26 lowercase letters with exploration in punctuation and diacritics. Intended for publication and book setting. More to come soon.


Man on the Land

An animated documentary from 1951. I love the illustration style. The message is clearly propagandist however: Manifest Destiny!


Able Brewing

Lisa came across this awesome coffee-loving shirt
You can find it over at Able Brewing; also some great coffee making supplies there too.



I'm about 90% finished with a font. I've finished the letterforms, numerals, punctuation, etc. for the most part (not all glyphs are shown).
The name of the type will most likely called Kamfer. The word comes from blending chamfer: a beveled edge connecting two surfaces with camphor: an aromatic chemical formula.
Look out for a (most likely) free release soon.
Below are some images of initial inspiration.



A squirrel came by my window the other day. I think this sill is his daily commute.


claimpilot, obviously

A few logo explorations for a company.


icons for insurance

updated my icons for an insurance company (see previous post). These are still not quite complete and need a bit of tidying up.


Fahnert feature

Fahnerts logo was featured on Logoholics Logo of the Month (August). Check out the full review here.


Cyber Reliant

Recently finished a branding project and had these stellar coasters made. Thanks to Tinkering Monkey for the wood-working job. Read the full blog post here.