Fitz sans?

so the alternate glyphs made me think of a sans serif cousin. I put a bit of time into realizing that and now the idea of a Fitz type system is appealing; of making Fitz into a serif copy face and developing a sans serif headline, display version.
The current version of Fitz (serif) has a different uppercase Q and different lower case y. I think these sans serif characters fit the family better.


Fitz, alternate glyphs

so close to being finished and I keep making time-consuming adjustments.



a few print samples of the typeface I'm working on.
I worked a bit on the kerning today.
this is the final character set. more alternatives not shown.
the font set at 12pt. no punctuation or numerals yet -- but soon.
click for larger images


savannah food co-op

WIP, site mock, one of a handful not yet approved by client.


savannah food co-op

logo approved

time to start moving forward with the website...
more to come soon.