This is homework for History of Graphic Design: reviewing art nouveau.
This is a name and identity I've given to a company acknowledging Samuel Bing & Georg Hirth

light on dark/dark on light
close up

edit: the waist of the B has risen for more even vertical weight. I also am not totally sold on the ampersand despite the chronological relevance.


  1. This is quite intriguing.

    How did you get interested in these people, and this style?


  2. Hi! The assignment was the choose a pre-World War I art movement and create a brand under that style. I chose Art Nouveau in the context of a brewery brand. The next assignment is the choose a post-Wolrd War II movement and create a brand in the context of a pre-Wolrd War I brand.
    I really enjoy the history of art in the evolution of technology into modern graphic design.