Matthew Carter at Type@Cooper

just got back from seeing Matthew Carter speak on revivals.
Such an amazing experience to see someone being active in the industry for so long.
Genuine Imitations: A Type Designer’s View of Revivals
"A number of Matthew Carter’s designs have been based on historical types, ITC Galliard, Big Caslon, Miller, Vincent and the Yale typeface among them. Others, like Snell Roundhand and Mantinia, were derived from non-typographic sources from the past such as handwriting manuals and lettering in the work of painters. In this lecture he explains his debt to the historical legacy, and describes cases where historically-based designs have been adapted to the needs of contemporary clients. His type revivals have varied in faithfulness to their models, which raises questions about the responsibilities of the continuator of traditional forms, about degrees of interpretation, adaptation to current technology, ancestor worship and travesty."
at Cooper Union presented by Type@Cooper (http://coopertype.org)

photo: this is Matthew Carter's back (note ponytail)
poor quality thanks to camera phone.