Audree type system

This is Audree, designed by the fine folks at Typonine. 

Audree is type system with several hundred styles. Choosing between fifteen different serif shapes, two construction models, high or low contrast, and adding stencil or inline effects results in unique, expressive variations of Audree's letterforms.

Applying different parameters to same basic shapes isn't new, but Typonine.com's online application allows you to access each possible permutation and create your own version of Audree. The value isn't only aesthetic, but also didactic — by experimenting with serifs, construction and contrasts, one can learn how these variables affect the shape of the letter. Audree's many different, striking combinations make it a perfect fit for display purposes such as magazine headlines, logotypes or entire visual identity systems.
As Audree is a fully customizable font, we created a customized specimen system: each of the possible variations has its own unique poster, displaying the exact combination of shapes, styles and effects that created it.

Check it out here: Audree type system.